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Please read the terms below before you place your order. 
  • Minimum order amount is 500 € and comes with each new show.
  • The freight will be 90€ per shipment in Europe, this also includes one backorder. This does not apply to vintage items. Customers outside of Europe will be charges freight based on actual prices from out freight company.
  • Our rates are from fair to fair. During extreme changes in exchange rates and / or prices of raw materials, we reserve the right to adjust our prices.
  • You have 30 days to pay the invoice on approved credit check, otherwise, prepayment is asked. We always ask for full payment in advance from customers overseas.
  • When unfortunate things such as shipping damages occur, it is very important that you look over the item immediately. If anything seems suspicious, such as damaged/opened cartons or even something is missing, you have to write it on the waybill. IF YOU DO NOT LEAVE A REMARK YOU CAN NOT GET ANY REFUND FOR YOUR DAMAGED/STOLEN GOODS.
  • Our vintage products are unique and are usually only in one specimen. Therefore, they are sold as-is. Furniture that is purchased at the fair is sent directly to the customer.
  • REFUNDS/COMPLAINTS (not shipping damage), need to be reported 8 days, AT THE LATEST, from recieving the goods. Refunds of the goods can only take place if the item is in its ORIGINAL PACKAGING.
  • We kindly ask you not to make orders over the phone, we refer you to e-mail, post or fax.
  • You can place your order at any time on the web-shop. If you do not already have a login account for the web shop, please register as a new user the first time. Your registration will be processed manually by our staff and you will be contacted via e-mail.
  • Order a smaller quantity than the broschure / price list indicates and we automatically raise the number to the minimum delivery quantity.
  • We wish to be contacted for temporary changes to the delivery addresses, special requests or updates to customer data.
  • We do not send goods directly to individuals, only businesses.
  • If Olsson & Jensen have delivered the wrong item, contact us as soon as possible for a replacement delivery.
  • We reserve the right for any final sale, errors and differences in design such as color, size or weight. 
  • We reserve the right to cancel orders under 50€.
  • The currency for all our customers outside of Sweden is Euro. If an order is placed in SEK (Swedish Krona) to an account registred outside of Sweden, this order will be converted into Euro.